Saturday, January 12, 2008

Woman Murders Toddler Because of Lies of Luddites

There have been completely baseless claims of a connection between autism and vaccination that were finally disproven recently in California, where the substance in question was eliminated from the vaccines, and autism rates continued to climb. There was never any evidence for the connection, but the claims were made anyway by medical Luddites who try to stand in the way of any sort of progress, and will even make up lies to do so. The result? A woman, feeling guilty for her child having autism, which she thought was caused by her getting a vaccine, murdered her child. Will the people who put this idea in her head be held responsible? Of course not.

Incidentally, the autism rate has gone up at the same rate mental retardation rates have gone down in this country. Sounds to me that we are getting better at diagnosing autism, so it appears autism rates are going up.

Finally, we know that autism is caused by at least two different kinds of mutations -- and these mutations, which are system-wide, occur well before anyone is given any vaccines.
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