Monday, January 14, 2008

Test Positive For Drugs -- No Welfare For You!

California is oftentimes at the forefront of legislatively-driven social change. Often, it's not for the best. However, a new bill being proposed that would, if passed, require a drug test for those on public assistance seems to be in the right direction. One hopes that this law also states that the outcome of a positive result of a drug test would result in that person being denied any public assistance. I'm not too keen on alcoholics being given my tax money to be used on alcohol either, btw. But one step at a time.

My wife used to be a social worker, and she tells horror stories about what the vast majority of people who are on welfare actually do. Maybe I can get her to guest post on the subject. In the meantime, let me just say that if they worked as hard at getting and keeping a job, they would all have one, they would be quite successful, and the economy would be much better off (not to mention that I would have to pay less taxes to support people's choice to be lazy).
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