Friday, January 04, 2008

Ron Paul Ignored, Did Better Than Predicted

Did anyone else find it annoying that seemed to completely ignore Ron Paul? He did get 10% of the vote, after all. Only 3% points behind Thompson and McCain and better than the polls showed he would do. I guess this goes along with their disinvite of Ron Paul to their next Republican debate. If they're truly "fair and balanced," shouldn't they have covered all the candidates? Joe Biden and Chris Dodd only got noticed with they called it quits. T.V. has ruined Presidential politics -- no substantial answers, please; please answer everything in a 30 second soundbite -- but what on earth can we do about it? I love my half dozen faithful readers, but Fox News and CNN have way more viewers than I have readers, so I'm not going to make that much of a different compared to them, I'm afraid. The internet is proving to be good for fundraising, but so far it hasn't translated into enough votes to do anything with.
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