Friday, January 04, 2008

On Thompson's 3rd Place Win

I am happy to see that Fred Thompson made 3rd place in Iowa. I get annoyed at people complaining that Thompson doesn't seem to want the job of Presidency -- in fact, Thompson has said as much. Let me tell you, though, that NOT wanting the job should be a criteria for having it. I don't trust people who want power -- I would rather have someone who sincerely believes that they need to run because nobody else is promoting their values than someone who is just dying to have the job and will do what it takes to win. Is Thompson that candidate, or is it just a clever ploy on his part? Well, if it's a ploy, it's not all that clever -- and he's smart enough to have changed it by now if it were a ploy. Of the top 3 candidates, I would much rather have Thompson. He's a federalist -- the only one, other than Paul, as far as I can tell -- and that makes him the only one of the top three (top six if you count the Democrats) who supports the kind of government laid out by our Constitution. The rest want to set up a national government that runs your lives. Under federalism, if you don't like what your state or local government is doing, you can vote with your feet. Under nationalism, you can't escape the slimy tendrils of government.
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