Saturday, January 26, 2008

Synopsis of "Hef's Bunnies"

Would anyone here want to watch a play like the one I will describe below? Why or why not?

“Hef’s Bunnies” is a satirical comedy in one act. Two rangers are setting cat traps on one of the Florida keys to trap cats to protect an endangered species of rabbit known as Hefner’s Rabbit, named after Hugh Hefner, who supplied the research money that resulted in the discovery of this new species. As the men are setting the traps, animal rights activists arrive to protest their trapping the cats. The T.V. news media shows up, invited by the animal rights activists. Then a group of environmentalists arrive to protest the animal rights activists. As everyone is destroying the environment of the island and preventing the rangers from doing their jobs, a group of armed Playboy Bunnies arrive to save the day, though the day is actually saved because the wife of one of the environmentalists is pregnant with children by two of the animal rights activists. With the leadership of the animal rights activists gone, and the news media men seduced away by the Bunnies, the environmentalists leave, and the rangers can get back to work, protected by two remaining, armed Bunnies. The play is designed to build and build without audience reprieve, as more and more characters fill the stage.

CHARACTERS (In Order of Appearance)

Ranger Rick
Ranger Peter
Adolph – leader of Americans Need Animals League
Karl – member of ANAL
Kitty – member of ANAL
Animal Rights Activists – members of ANAL
Dick Jockman – a reporter
T. V. News Crew
Al – leader of the Pure Environment for National and International Security group
Bobby, Junior – member of PENIS
Eunice – member of PENIS and wife of B.J.
Environmentalists – members of PENIS
Bella – leader of Hefner’s Playboy Bunnies
Diana – a Playboy Bunny
Gretchen – a Playboy Bunny
Muffie – a Playboy Bunny
Playboy Bunnies
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