Monday, January 07, 2008

Maternity Leave for High School Students?

Really? Maternity leave for high school? I don't think so. IN Colorado there is actually a student pushing for 4 weeks of maternity leave. This is the most absurd thing I have ever heard of. A student cannot miss 4 weeks of school -- the point of school is to become educated. This student is just trying to legitimize skipping school. And one of her school counselors is supporting her. Personally, if I were a principal, I wouldn't have a counselor who supported such nonsense on my staff.

Basically, this counselor wants to reward irresponsible behavior with time off from school. Why don't we just take a step back into the 19th century and openly say that women are for making babies, not for educating? I hope that the same feminists who pushed for educating girls and raising the age of consent precisely for that reason will not support maternity leave from school. A girl who has a baby in high school (or earlier) is already at a huge disadvantage in life. Missing a month of school isn't going to help her. Quite the contrary. I hope the school board has enough sense not to support this.
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