Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Some Thoughts on Florida

I you really want to understand human nature, just take a look at what happened with Guiliani in Florida. Here in the U.S. we like to reckon ourselves real individualists. And if most Americans were, Guiliani would have probably won in Florida. He was, after all, polling ahead of all the other candidates. Further, he had been spending a lot of time and money in Florida campaigning while the rest of the candidates were off in other states. So what happened?

The people of Florida didn't want to support a loser. Guiliani had vote numbers below those of Ron Paul in every race up to Florida. WHen it came time to vote, the people of Florida said, "Well, I like him, and I did support him, but I'm not sticking my neck out for him. I want my vote to count." The funny thing is, so many people did that, that the votes for Guiliani ceased to count. The people of Florida didn't want to be different from everyone else, so they voted for Romney and McCain. As a result, they have made an exciting race much more boring.

With the win in Florida, McCain is finally what the media keeps telling us he is: the front-runner. Up to Florida, he was nothing of the sort. In fact, after New Hampshire and up to Florida, Romney has had the most delegates. But the news media never said that he was the front-runner. Makes you wonder why they're all such McCain fans. Until Florida, the claim that McCain was the front-runner was an out-and-out lie. Why doesn't anybody say that? Well, their lie has now become the truth -- in a sort of perverted postmodernism where if you say it enough times, people will believe it, and when enough people believe it, it will be true. Works in politics and garnering votes -- but it's a disaster when they try to apply it to empirical reality, like the economy.
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