Friday, January 18, 2008

Obama on Clinton's and Edwards' Miss America Answers

You have got to love Barack Obama's take on the superficial, Miss America answers Clinton and Edwards gave to the question about what their weaknesses were. Obama gave an honest, sincere answer. For that he deserves kudos and much credit -- though it won't win him any votes in the Democratic Party. Clinton's answer? "My biggest weakness is I'm so impatient to bring about real change in America." What a crock of b.s.! Good for Obama on calling her out on it. And Edward's answer was no better: "My biggest weakness is I'm just so passionate about poor people and helping them." Bull.

If Edwards had been honest, his answer would have been, "My biggest weakness was my tendency to sue doctors and hospitals, thus driving up health care costs so that my colleague, Hillary Clinton, here, would have an excuse to attempt to socialize medicine."

If Clinton would have answered honestly, she would have said, "Philanderers."

Again, good for Obama for not playing these ridiculous games. If that man knew anything at all about economics, I'd vote for him.
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