Tuesday, January 15, 2008

We Mustn't Forget Our One True Savior, LBJ

Congressman Rangle, completely misinterpreting what Barack Obama said about MLK, Jr., is "setting the record straight" on the role of ubercompassionate white man LBJ in the civil rights movement. Well, since he's intent on setting the record straight, I suppose Congressman Rangel is now ready to thank the Republicans for being key players in the civil rights act, then. 65% of Republicans voted for the Civil Rights Act, but LBJ was only able to get 55% of Democrats on board. I suppose too that Rangel is ready to thank Nixon for Affirmative Action. Yes, Affirmative Action was a Republican idea. It was also a Republican -- Eisenhower -- who sent the National Guard in to protect the first African-American students to go to an all white school. Since Rangel is setting the record straight, I expect him to be saying these things next, and thanking the Republican Party for its long history of fighting for the rights of African Americans.
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