Sunday, January 06, 2008

Charlie Wilson's War

My wife and I last night went to see "Charlie Wilson's War." It's a very good, funny movie, and I highly recommend it. Knowing what we now know, the end is quite ominous. The actions of Charlie Wilson resulted in the fall of the USSR, but the inaction of Congress gave us 9-11. As Charlie Wilson noted, "we fucked up the end game."

We don't seem to be doing much better now, on many fronts. I overheard a teenaged girl talking to her father immediately after the movie asking about Afghanistan. Her father noted that we were now in Afghanistan because of the Congressional inaction depicted at the end of the movie, to which the daughter said, "We're not in Afghanistan; we're in Iraq."

Can it be that there's an entire generation who don't even know that we're fighting in Afghanistan? If so, do they know what we're fighting for? Or why we're in Iraq? This is very troubling. The reason is because the media no longer really covers Afghanistan, while the far Left would like everyone to forget about it so they can focus on Iraq. They are willing to sacrifice the lives of the 9-11 victims for their own political gain. The result is going to be a generation of people who will remember Iraq, but not Afghanistan. And that is not good news for our future.
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