Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"Slowing of Black Progress"

Gary Becker gives his own, brilliant, state of the dream. The final paragraph is very telling. If African-Americans had more choices -- more capitalism -- in their lives, they would be much better off. Too bad their self-appointed leaders have been pushing socialism, keeping many of them from rising up to their full potential. But I should not be surprised, because what would Jesse Jackson have to do if social equality were achieved? This is no doubt the motivation behind his lack of support for Barack Obama -- wouldn't the American people electing an African-American President be a refutation of him and his power? With an African-American at the very top of government, what could Jackson complain about? But don't worry, Jackson will still be alright -- he'll still make a ton of money getting white-owned businesses to donate money to his group by making threats of false accusations of racial discrimination. I guess extortion isn't a crime whose legality is exclusive to governments.
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