Sunday, January 06, 2008

Hillary Openly Supports Dictatorship

This sums up what I don't like about Hillary Clinton, particularly on foreign policy:

"If you remove Musharraf and have elections, that's going to be very difficult for the United States to be able to control what comes next," she said.

Hillary Clinton is here arguing for dictatorship. I always knew she was for dictatorship, I just didn't think she'd ever come right out and say she was for it and against democracy. Further, she shows that not only does she think she should control all our lives here in America, but that she should control the lives and governments of other countries. The fact that she thinks that we can better control dictators shows she hasn't learned the lesson of Saddam Hussein.

Free, fair, open, transparent elections is precisely what Pakistan needs. They need to eliminate the multi-tiered dictatorship they have and replace it with a multi-tiered democratic republic. The U.S. has never had any problems with countries that have fair, free, open, transparent elections -- and countries that have them are in fact the most stable. Stable governments give you unstable countries -- unstable governments, like ours, give you stable countries.

So Clinton has it completely backwards. Who on earth wants someone in power who has an understanding of the world that is completely opposite of how the world really is?
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