Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Learn How to Iron Your Own Shirt

Now, I have been critical of Hillary Clinton quite a bit in the past, but I do have to give her this one:

What I find most interesting is her final comment: "If there's anybody left in the audience who wants to learn how to iron his own shirt, we can talk about that." I loved this response because it was a witty comeback. Great stuff. But when I told my wife about it, she said to me that she wished Hillary would take that idea as the basis of her politics. Brilliant! Please, Hillary, leave us alone and let us iron our OWN shirts! We don't need you to do it for us. The sad truth is, she DOES want to iron our shirts -- and do everything else for us. She doesn't really think we can do anything for ourselves. That is why she thinks she should do it for us.

Someone should take up the slogan "Learn How to Iron Your Own Shirt."
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