Sunday, December 02, 2007

Thugs or Discipline, Take Your Pick

Several days ago a woman, Elizabeth Prezio, was attacked here in Dallas. This is what she said happened: "I saw them look at each other and smile and say, '1, 2, 3.' Then they decked me with all their might. They slammed me to the concrete ." And then they took her iPod and cell phone. She has multiple broken bones. They were 17 and 15.

These two boys weren't out to steal this woman's iPod and cell phone. They were out to beat someone up. She's lucky they weren't out to kill that night. This reminds me of something Nietzsche said about there being people out there who want to murder, but don't want to think that they are out there primarily to murder, and so steal from the person they kill. Considering the countdown that occurred, and the smiles, there is little doubt in my mind that they were out to beat someone up -- more, they picked a woman because that's the kinds of cowards they are. They didn't want someone who could fight back.

My wife, in talking about this incident, said it reminded her of A Clockwork Orange. I agree. If the U.S. is turning into the society of A Clockwork Orange, we have only ourselves to blame. This is what happens when you eliminate shame and discipline from a culture. And yet we see discipline being driven out of our schools and, even, out of our homes in places like Massachusetts. The reason? People can't seem to tell the difference between discipline and abuse. And that is me being generous. I suspect that it's really because those against discipline know the ignorant masses are easy to control, and there is a correlation between discipline and education. Indeed, "discipline" and "disciple" have the same origins -- and "disciple" of course means "pupil." If you want to get rid of pupils, get rid of discipline. If you want a culture of thugs and thuggery, get rid of discipline. If you want a culture where children control the parents and the teachers -- that is, where the inmates run the asylum -- get rid of discipline.
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