Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Father Kills Daughter Over Clothes

Let me tell you what, this is not what Muhammad had in mind when he came up with his dress code. It was supposed to protect women from men, NOT cause women to be murdered by their own fathers! Too many forget that Muhammad was reforming a culture that was even more oppressive toward women and was working to make things better for them with the dress code and the restriction on how many women a man could marry. The idea was to protect women and to make men respect them more. Muhammad did not fix the problem of course, but he intended that things would be better for women. How ironic, then, that too many Moslem men are going against the spirit of Muhammad and the laws he established and acting like brutes and thugs toward the very women they should be protecting -- or would be, if they were any kind of real men.

I have had Moslem women explain the idea behind the hajib. They tell me that they wear it because it takes the focus off of their physical appearance and forces men to deal with them intellectually. They see it too as an expression of modesty. Of course, such expressions only work when voluntary.
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