Saturday, December 15, 2007

Sniveling Coward Shoots Unarmed Old Woman When She Opens the Door

This is nothing more than a gang initiation. A woman was murdered at her front door for one reason: so that cowardly punk could join a gang.

When these sorts of things happen, people need to start saying that the people who did it are nothing but cowards. Who shoots an unarmed old woman when she opens the door? A coward, that's who. A pussy, a pansy, a weak, pathetic coward. If the rest of society starts characterizing these people this way, this kind of activity will stop. We have to let them know that nobody's impressed, that we think of them as weaklings and cowards. We need to shame them -- shame them terribly if we want this sort of thing to stop. And if we really want to make it stop, we have to aim at changing the world views of the women in their neighborhoods. This is the kind of thing that gets them laid. What would happen if we convinced women that this is not the kind of thing you should find sexually attractive? What would happen if women started turning up their nose at such behavior? If we can take away their social status and the possibility of getting laid from such despicable behavior, then it will stop. Permanently.
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