Friday, December 21, 2007

Stripper Tax

Not that I buy the 1st Amendment arguments against this tax, I must still, nonetheless come out against the proposal here in Texas of a $5 per person tax at strip clubs. We will start with my general statement of being against each and every new tax proposal that will ever come out anywhere at any time. That having been said, let's look at what politicians are using to try to sell this tax. A few years ago, they tried to pass this same tax, with the promise of using the money for education. It was rightly ridiculed as "tassels for tots." Now they are saying (most of) the money will go to victims of sex crimes. A few things to note: 1) it is obvious that someone is just looking for an excuse to pass this tax, with the mistaken belief that this will "clean up" Texas or some such nonsense; 2) the promise of using the money (they say "most of the money") for sex crimes victims is bogus -- 10 to 1 if this tax is passed this money eventually ends up in the general fund.

What this really is is an attempt to implement yet another "sin tax." There are people out there who think that the nude body is evil, and that nobody should see a nude woman ever. Nude women in art is bad enough, let alone strippers! And don't even get them started with sex, which is evil in all cases except for in a marriage (and for some, that too can be evil if the sex isn't meant for reproduction). This attitude has created all too many psychoses, and is undoubtedly the cause of the high number of sex crimes in the U.S. Our schitzophrenic attitude toward things like sex is what causes problems.
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