Saturday, December 01, 2007

Boycott Venezuelan Oil!

In a Democracy, you get the government you deserve.

Hugo Chavez: "If God gives me life and help,I will be at the head of the government until 2050!"

Hugo Chavez: "Venezuela is going to be a world power, no matter whom it hurts!"

These are the words of a dictator, of someone who plans to be a very dangerous, bloody dictator. Do you suppose that all the Leftists in Hollywood who have been bowing down at the feet of Chavez will condemn him when he becomes what he clearly plans to become? I doubt it. And I doubt that the media will call them out or even say much of anything when it does happen. Of course, it may not necessarily be our media's fault if they don't report much, since one of the reforms would end up "allowing the president to declare indefinite states of emergency during which the government could detain citizens without charge and censor the media."

So why is this happening? It's because of people like this woman:

"Chavez has become a father for us," said Xiomi Diaz, a 34-year-old farmer. "He's a father of the poor."

When a majority of people see the government -- or a single person in government -- as their father or their mother, you may guarantee that a socialist dictatorship is right around the corner.

I say Chavez can keep his oil. I'd rather pay higher prices at the pump than allow a single one of my dollars go to that evil man. And do not be mistaken, that money will be going to him and him alone, not to the people of Venezuela.
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