Monday, December 17, 2007

The Enemy of My Enemy

There is a new report that Iran is now making inroads into Central America through Nicaragua. It seems Daniel Ortega has foolishly allowed himself to be influenced by an even bigger fool, Hugo Chavez, to let the Iranians into his country. This friendship bodes well for neither the U.S. nor Nicaragua nor Venezuela. The danger to the U.S. is obvious. It has been known, albeit not mentioned by the U.S. press, that Hezbollah and the Revolutionary Guard have both set up camps in South America (though my wife did see a report in the Spanish-language news a few months ago). I did, however, manage to find this article on MSNBC from May on Hezbollah in Paraguay. Paraguay is frightening enough, but Venezuela and Nicaragua -- with both countries supporting Iran -- is even more so. Indeed, they do seem to have set up organizations in both Venezuela and Argentina and most likely elsewhere.

The danger to Venezuela and Nicaragua and anyone else foolish enough to deal with Iran is the fact that Iran is only dealing with these countries because "the enemy of my enemy is my friend." These countries are being cynically used by Iran, and when Iran is finished with them, Iran will turn on them. After all, these countries are not Islamic, and the Qu'ran makes it rather clear that you do not have to deal honestly with non-Islamic countries. (This is one of those parts of the Qu-ran that could despireately use some more moderate if not downright liberal interpretation.) I fear Chavez and Ortega (and the people of the countries they lead) will what's coming to them for having dealt with Iran.
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