Monday, December 31, 2007

On the New Year

The New Year is soon upon us (and is in fact upon us in much of the world as of my writing -- and is likely upon us all as of most of your readings). And what will there be "new" from me this year? As an interdisciplinarian, my momentary interests are always shifting. I am presently reading "Complex Adaptive Systems," which shows how this concept can be used to moe accurately model sociological systems, "The Sociology of Philosophies," which shows how philosophical ideas spread and change, and "Narrative Theory and Cognitive Science," which is a collection of essays discussing the connection between the two fields. This latter is really getting m creative juices flowing. If only there were enough time to write everything I want to write. I have books and novels, short stories (I just finished one and am starting another), plays (a new idea has emerged), and poems. Then, there are essays to write as I think of ideas. And revisions of works in all of these areas that need to be done. I need a team of me to get it all done (including one to get a paying job -- since so far none of this work pays -- unless someone knows of a way to get paid to just sit around and write creative and philosophical works all day long).

And then there is the blog. A nice place to hash out new ideas, to get them out there where they can be thought through. Blogging on news events helps to keep me grounded in the real world, to see how and if my ideas can in fact fit in where they have to fit in. The Left (and most on the Right as well) do not think that their ideas have to fit into reality. Too bad for them and their ideas, since reality is awfully unforgiving. Just try to insist on the social construction of gravity and walk off a building and see what happens.

So what can I promise that will be new? Everything. And nothing. "There is nothing new under the sun." And yet, "Time goes marching on." Everything is new, always. Change is the only constant (and, it seems, even change changes). But the change is always consistent, of a particular pattern, and built upon what already is and has been. One cannot grow without solid ground in which to root oneself -- one must be conservative. And one cannot grow without new space into which to freely grow and branch and blossom -- one must be liberal. This isn't to argue for some sort of mediocre moderatism as too many "centrists" call for. No -- one must be a radical for growth and freedom, and insist on those things that allow for both. Not cancer and libertinism, but true growth and freedom. That is the true middle way.

So, yes, there will be some continuation. I will continue to essay forth on Marinoff's book, until I have exhausted what I want to say about it. Yet, there will be new things yet to come. World events will affect some of this. My changing interests, fate, and fortunes will affect some of it. My love for knowledge and ideas, though, will drive it all. My New Year's Resolution in regards to this blog will thus be to continue it as I have, to continue to be who I will become, and to make the blog reflect that.

Happy New Year everyone!!!
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