Friday, November 30, 2007

Leftist Advocates

There is a great opinion piece on the silence of American feminist groups regarding the teacher who named the teddy bear mohammed and the rape victim by Tammy Bruce. Of course, I have talked about both NOW's silence and the fate of the Saudi rape victim. The problem, as I have stated throughout this blog, is that too many on the Left are merely anti-West in general, and anti-America in particular. All our liberal feminist groups like NOW have shown themselves to be is advocates for the Left. They do not advocate for women. They advocate for Leftist policies.

And they are not alone in doing this. My wife is a Mexican-American, and her grandfather, an American citizen, has decided he wants his passport. Because he was born to a midwife and did not get his birth certificate at the time, and because he cannot get am original certificate of baptism because the original is in a church book, and they didn't give out certificates back then, and because he was a migrant farm worker and did not get counted by the census and did not have many of the official work documents you need if you have these kinds of problems, the federal government won't give him his passport. So my wife decided to contact LULAC, the League of United Latin American Citizens. This is what happened, in the words of my wife, Anna:

Based on my recent experience with LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens), I believe an investigation into the practices of this organization to be necessary.

LULAC claims it "advances the economic condition, educational attainment, political influence, health, and civil rights of Hispanics through community-based progams run by more than 700 LULAC councils nationwide," so naturally, I thought they would be able to help me with an issue concerning getting my grandfather, Jesus Garza, who is an American citizen of Hispanic decent, his passport, which is currently being denied to him by the passport office. Yet when I called several numbers on the official website, they were not in service. I then called the local LULAC office in Richardson, Texas, and was told that I would have the director’s number texted to me. I have never received that text. This led me to contact the San Antonio office, where I spoke to someone who basically told me they don't provide any services or answer any questions, and that there was no one I could talk to there at that office -- though he quickly, and suspiciously, provided me with the number of an attorney. It seemed very scripted.

I was so upset I called the National Office and asked them, "What exactly does LULAC do? What services do you provide? What is the organization's focus?" I heard dead silence on the other end for several seconds before I heard, "uhh, we're an advocacy group."

This group says they are supposed to "advance the civil rights of Hispanics," but all I received was the run around and an inability on their part to even tell me what they do. Which sounds like a scam to me.

My grandfather is in a bad situation because of when he was born and the circumstances around his life. He was born in 1927, but only obtained his birth certificate in 1950. This was not uncommon at the time. He has no medical record of his birth because he was born on a Texas farm to a midwife. Most people during that time obtained their birth certificates as adults, when they were old enough to go and them them themselves, like my grandfather. This is the basis for the passport office to deny my grandfather his passport, even though I know several people in the same situation who received theirs. This rash of interests in passports has come about because of the combination of needing a passport to go to Mexico now, and the fear being generated with the news of increasing crackdowns on illegals. My 80 year old grandfather is afraid he will be deported if he doesn't get his passport, and this denial is only fueling those fears.

All of which means the passport office is demanding more documentation. However, to make matters worse, he is also unable to provide employment records because he was a migrant worker, which means he's probably not in a census count either. An American citizen will probably die, having been denied a passport, just because he wasn't born at the right place and didn't have the right kind of job in the U.S. Very soon he will not even be allowed to travel into Mexico. Or perhaps even be allowed to return. LULAC sure doesn't know, or seem to care.


So, as you can see, LULAC doesn't seem to be what they (eventually) claim to be: an advocacy group. I bet if it were some Left-wing cause, though, we could have gotten them to do something.
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