Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Shame on NOW

The National Organization of Women refuses to take a position on the situation with Gillian Gibbon, who is going to be given 40 lashes for allowing her class of 7 year olds name their teddy bear Mohammed. I guess we now know that NOW is not in fact a women's advocacy group, but is merely an anti-West, anti-American, neo-Marxist, neo-fascist, postmodernist Leftist organization from which all women of conscience -- all women who do in fact stand for women's rights around the world -- should withdraw all support. Of course, this is the same organization who refused to take a stand against Bill Clinton's sexist behavior toward women. I guess it's okay to treat women as mere sex objects if you're a Democrat, or to punish women in such outrageous ways if you're a non-Western country. Their lack of comment on the rape victim in Saudi Arabia being punished also says volumes about them.
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