Thursday, November 29, 2007


A few weeks ago, my brother mentioned that he had started taking a multi-vitamin and that it had helped him with his reading understanding and retention. So I decided to do the same and begin taking a multi-vitamin. I've noticed that recently I've been able to really focus on tasks. I generally try to eat well-balanced meals, but that's not always possible. My wife and I perhaps go out to eat more than we should, and typically restaurant food isn't the best for you. So the multi-vitamin helps.

As I've been thinking about the effects of my taking a multi-vitamin, I am reminded of studies done with problem students in alternative schools, where the typical school diet was replaced by a high-nutrition, high-vitamin diet. Something like 90% of all behavioral problems vanished. If you know the kind of garbage our schools serve our children, you probably wouldn't be surprised that they misbehave -- except that many people probably would be surprised, since the food they feed their children is even less nutritious. My guess is that the vast majority of ADHD cases would be eliminated with a proper diet, since lack of certain vitamins leads to hyperactivity.

Would it be too much to ask that our schools give each child a multi-vitamin every morning? Yes, I know that's not very libertarian of me to suggest, but if we're going to have public schools anyway, the least they could do is make sure children are prepared in as many ways as possible to learn. Besides, it would reduce the use of harmful drugs and keep many children out of trouble -- aside from the fact that they would now be ready and prepared to learn.
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