Monday, August 11, 2008

Russia vs. Georgia

When the Soviet Union seized control over Georgia, it began moving Russians into Georgia -- as it did with every other country it took over to make a part of the USSR. Now South Ossetia, historically part of Georgia, but now full of Russians, due to the actions of the USSR, is trying to break away from Georgia. So Georgia responded militarily. This was an action against rebels within their own country. In response, Russia invaded. Now some might express sympathy with the Russians for wanting to protect Russians, but this was the same logic used by the Nazis to invade Czechoslovakia and Russia -- that they were protecting Germans and trying to bring them into Germany proper. It should concern us that Russia is beginning to act like Germany in the lead-up to WWII. It should concern us equally that Russia would show such contempt for a world tradition of not engaging in hostilities during the Olympics. This Russia may be more dangerous to the world (even if not anywhere near more dangerous to its own people) than the USSR was.
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