Saturday, August 30, 2008

Gorki Aguila Fined

It seems the thugs running Cuba only decided to fine Gorki Aguila $28 -- a month-and-a-half's wages in Cuba. Why go after a singer-songwriter? Well, his lyrics could get someone thinking, and in a dictatorship, the last thing they want is free thought, because free thought leads to free action. The thugs in charge of Cuba couldn't have that. I'm guessing international attention has revised the sentence, but requiring a month and a half worth of wages is no small thing. (I will leave aside for a moment the fact that $28 is such a huge amount of money, which should tell you something about communism right there.) I received a comment in my last posting on Aguila that sounds like it could have been written by some Cuban propagandist. Technically, whether from the Cuban government or not, it was propaganda. The lies about the kind of government it has, and the laughable recommendation that Aguila run for office make it worth reading. I'm no fan of the Cuban embargo, as I believe it has only worked to keep those thugs in charge, but at the same time, one does have to keep high tech stuff away from those who would harm the U.S. Still, that does not require quite the embargo we have imposed. Still, the sooner the communist thugs are gone in Cuba, the better off the world will be.

Keep fighting for what is good and right and true Gorki!
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