Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hillary Clinton's Convention Speech

Hillary Clinton's speech at the convention was quite interesting. She spent more than the first half of it explaining why she should be President, then argued that a Democrat -- any Democrat -- should win the election. Barack Obama's name stood in for the generic Democrat, but she said nothing specific to him. In fact, all specifics were focused on her -- and Obama was relegated to "oh yeah, and he'll do that too." Could it be that she was making a subtle last-ditch argument to the superdelegates? There for a while I thought Bill looked really worried. It was also painfully obvious that there for a while Hillary was begging her supporters to please support Obama. She should have done that without it seeming to be so obvious. I also suspect that she could have done it too -- but she has plausible deniability if worse comes to worse (and we can only hope that that's the case, as the last thing we need is that neo-Marxist Obama in the White House).
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