Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Excellence of Tyson Gay

Just now I saw Tyson Gay fail to make it through one of the semifinals. WHen asked by the interviewer if it was because he wasn't at 100% due to his injured hamstring, Tyson Gay responded that he was in fact at 100%, and that he took full responsibility for not having run the race he could have and should have run. He said that despite the fact that it is known to everyone that he's not in fact at 100%. With seemingly everyone in this society looking to find any excuse for their shortcomings, it was marvelous to see this young man take responsibility even when he was not in fact responsible for the outcome. Can we please clone him? We need more people like him in this society. We'd be much better off. What a fantastic demonstration of character. To take responsibility that way is the paragon of virtue.
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