Sunday, August 31, 2008

Michael Moore and Don Fowler Express Hope That the Hurricane Kills People In New Orleans

Yes, that is what their comments boil down to. First Michael Moore, and now Don Fowler, former DNC chair, have said that God's hand is at work in sending another hurricane to New Orleans. Apparently both think drowned African-Americans is a good thing if it results in the GOP looking bad. Seriously, that is what these comments amount to. Michael Moore is that kind of an idiotic ideologue who would have people killed to get his way, like all Marxists have once they got power, but Fowler is just an idiot, having apparently not paid attention to what happened with Moore a few days ago for saying the same thing. Let me tell both of them: God is not on the side of anyone who thinking this way. Such thoughts are despicable.

We're getting a clear light into the souls of these people. Please pay attention.
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