Thursday, August 07, 2008

Paris Hilton for President?

See more Paris Hilton videos at Funny or Die

Everybody else has it, so why not me? I do think it's funny that Paris Hilton was able to articulate a more coherent energy policy than Obama has been able to do. Apparently so do some Republican Congressmen, who should thank Paris Hilton for drawing some attention to their protest of Nancy Pelosi ignoring their calls for a vote on energy policy. The media has been completely ignoring them for days. Their incredible partisanship is getting incredibly disgusting. If the Democrats were holding a protest against a Republican-controlled Congress, the MSM would be covering it 24-7. This level of partisanship by the MSM is shameless.

But I seem to have gotten a bit off topic. With Paris Hilton articulating such a good energy policy, is it possible that Hilton and not Obama is the celebrity with the most substance? Not surprising, considering I have observed previously that Obama's speeches are almost entirely free of content. More so, Hilton is showing that she's more forward-thinking than Nancy Pelosi, who keeps bringing up the argument that it would take 10 years to get any oil which, even if true, is irrelevant. If gasoline prices doubled in the 2 years since she took over control of Congress, think of what it will be in 10 years without our adding any oil to the world supply. Her argument amounts to: since it won't help immediately, it won't help at all, ever. SOmeone who is that short-sighted has no business being in charge of anything. Paris Hilton WOULD make a better Speaker than Pelosi. Sadly, I just realized that's not quite the compliment to Paris Hilton I meant it to be.

To be honest, I've always appreciated Paris Hilton in an Andy Warhol kind of way, and I must say that this video only improves my opinion of her. This was exactly the right way to respond to the use of her image by the McCain campaign. Gotta love it.
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