Friday, August 15, 2008

Buchanan: Communist Russia Bad, Fascist Russia Good

During the Cold War, Patrick Buchanan was no friend of communist Russia. But now that Russia is acting like Nazi Germany in their lead-up to WWII, Buchanan is actually defending Russia. Not surprising, as Buchanan has repeatedly defended much of what Nazi Germany did, and most recently has gone so far as to attack Churchill's defiance of the Nazis. Odd, though, that for a short time Buchanan and Obama agreed with each other about who was to blame in the conflict between Russia and George -- but at least Obama changed his mind once he talked to the Georgian President. Of course, Obama changes his mind so much, one wonders what his opinion on the matter would be if he talked to Putin. Every time Obama hears something different, he changes his mind. That's not a good sign. That's a sign of someone who can be easily manipulated.

If you really want to know why Buchanan -- and, initially, Obama -- came out against Saakashvilli, consider this quote by him: "The [Georgian] government is going to help you in the best way possible, by doing nothing for you, by getting out of your way. Well, I exaggerate, but you understand. Of course we will provide you with infrastructure and help by getting rid of corruption, but you have all succeeded by your own initiative and enterprise, so you should congratulate yourselves."

This ideology is one vehemently opposed by both Buchanan and Obama. Make no doubt about that. Obama only said what he thought to be politically expedient -- in fact, he is in far more agreement with Putin's ideology than Saakashvilli's.
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