Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What I Would Do

To solve this economic problem over the long-term, I would pass an amendment to the Constitution prohibiting the federal government from being involved in the economy (leaving the state governments to provide whatever economies they wished), eliminate 95% of all non-military spending (I figure at least that much is un-Constitutional), and tell companies that they are all on their own, to profit or sink as their decisions may cause. I would certainly never go into debt to bail out billionaires and their companies, which will result in the government either printing money, resulting in high inflation, being in debt to foreign countries like China, who we do NOT want to default on (talk about a good reason to go to war with us), or raising taxes in the U.S., which will only hurt the poorest in this country through higher prices for goods (the rich and companies don't pay taxes -- they just pass the costs on in higher prices) and harm the economy.
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