Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Racism of the Left II

A third of Democrats define African-Americans as "lazy" and "violent." This is not surprising to me, since I have said for years that the Left is full of racists. Just take a look at the programs and reforms they propose and see the effect on minority groups. Walter Williams once observed that the Klan could not have done a better job of designing a program that would decimate African-American families and communities as our own welfare system has done. Further, a smaller percentage of Democrats than Republicans votes for the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and it was Democratic governments in the South that fought for segregation. The postmodern Left pushes for more and more group-identity politics, insisting that different groups have nothing in common, whether those groups are based on race, gender, etc. The purpose of that is clear and simple: divide and conquer. Get everyone fighting with each other, then promise each group that they will get what they want if they only elect the Democrats, and you get a Democrat majority. In the meantime, the Left not only support a divisive world view, but also support a form of economics that is designed to create a permanent underclass. Throw in support from such organizations like Planned Parenthood, which has a history of specifically targeting minority communities to encourage abortions (and a founder who saw the mission of the organization as eliminating minorities), in addition to programs that tell minorities that the Great White Man must rescue them from themselves because they just aren't good enough to make it on their own, and the racism of the Left becomes clearer and clearer.
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