Sunday, September 28, 2008

Great Depression II and World War III?

Will israel attack Iran soon? Maybe, maybe not. At least, probably not with U.S. support. However, there have been rumors suggesting that Israel is afraid of an Obama Presidency, and might attack Iran to affect U.S. politics. I can understand why they would be afraid. If you think the Bush presidency has been a miserable failure at getting Iran to comply with anything, wait until you see an Obama Presidency that doesn't think that such a small country matters to the U.S. (Yes, I know he "corrected" that statement, but he did that under political pressure, while the first statement was in fact an expression of what he really thinks -- which is a good rule to follow in understanding any politician.)

I'm afraid that Bush has set up a situation where an Obama Presidency -- or even the threat of one -- could put the U.S. in a serious war. The current situation is looking eerily like the lead-in to the Great Depression and WWII, including the likelihood of a Democratic President who will fumble us all into the very situations that will cause a depression and a world war.
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