Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Misogynistic Left

Howard Gutman, an original member of Obama's finance committee, criticized Palin for "putting her career above her family." He goes on to criticize her for agreeing to run for V.P when she has a pregnant daughter and a baby with Down's Syndrome. Would he have said this if she were a man? Of course not. As Susan Estrich rightly points out, for some reason, a man can have a career that makes all kind of demands on him, no matter the situation at home, and nobody says a thing. McCain has several adopted children -- nobody says he should stay home with them. Should Barack Obama stay at home and take care of his two daughters? Or MIchelle Obama? But this is typical. Gutman is a Leftist, and he knows far better than Palin what she should be doing with her life and career. Or it this mere politics? Would he have said these things if she were a Democrat running for the V.P.? Of course he wouldn't. That would make him a sexist. But if she's a Republican . . . Don't believe these people when they say they are feminists. They are proving themselves to be baldfaced liars.
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