Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Racism of the Left

I'm obviously a bit behind in learning about Sandra Bernhardt's comments about her wanting Sarah Palin to be gang raped by her black brothers should Palin ever come to New York.

A few things:

1) why isn't the Obama campaign publicly denouncing this comment?
2) why isn't the African-American community outraged at this incredibly racist statement equating blacks with being rapists?

I guess it's okay to be a racist just so long as you have the right (er, that should be "Left") beliefs on economics.

How much outrage would there be if someone made the comment that the Obamas better not come down to Mississippi because Michelle would be gang raped by a bunch of Klan boys. Make that joke and see what happens. There would be outrage from every quarter -- yet Sandra Bernhardt can make this exact same comment, only about a conservative woman, and it's laughed at and excused.

We are seeing just what the Left is really made of. Of course, I've known this for a very, very long time. I can't believe that some governor from Alaska is what is making the Left expose themselves for what they truly are.
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