Thursday, September 04, 2008

Demoniacal Education

From the Bhagavadgita (Ch. 16):

The attributes of a divine nature:

"Fearlessness, purity and sweetness of temperament, the judicious apportionment of knowledge and discipline, charity, endurance, sacrifice, study of the wisdom texts, austerity and integrity, non-violence, truthfulness, absence of anger, renunciation, tranquility, overcoming narrow-mindedness, pity for all living creatures, freedom from greed, mildness, a sense of shame, steadiness, splendor, mercy, firmness, purity, absence of hatred or excessive self-esteem"

The attributes of a demoniacal nature:

"Deceit, arrogance, excessive self-esteem, anger, as also cruelty and ignorance"

"Neither engagement in worldly action nor withdrawal from it is understood by the demoniacal. Neither purity, nor good behavior or truth is present in them."

If I didn't know any better, the author of the Bhagavadgita sounds like he's laying out the attributes of the students turned out by the U.S. educational system when he's talking about the demoniacal. All they teach is excessive self-esteem, resulting in ignorance (you can't correct, lest it harm their self-esteem). Without knowledge, truth is not possible. Nor is good behavior, for that matter. And too often, excessive self-esteem results in arrogance as well. Perhaps it is because the people in charge have demoniacal natures -- as doing this to children is cruelty.
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