Thursday, April 03, 2008

Leftism Is a Psychopathology

"Is there someone in your life who takes credit for your successes? Is there someone who is constantly telling you how to do everything? Do you know someone who constantly invades your privacy?"

"it is only natural to want be in control of your own life, but when you feel you have to have control of everyone else's life, you have a problem."

Is the person I am quoting talking about politicians in general, and Leftists in particular? Perhaps. The author is writing about control freaks.

"Phsycologists call this a personality disorder"

"Control freaks ultimate fear is that if they lose control of themselves, their relationships, or anything or anyone around them, that they will be vulnerable. They believe that they can protect themselves if they have this control. They feel the urge to control to new heights, and when they have finally caused the people they are trying to control the stress that they are feeling, they feel a sense of order. These people are riddled with fear, anxiety, insecurity, and anger to amounts at which they cannot control. Underneath that controlled attitude is a mountain of unhappiness and depression."

"They have a harder time than most normal people when it comes to negotiating or compromising, because it would mean they would have to give up some of their control, and it would also implicate that they are not perfect, and Control Freaks H-A-T-E imperfection."

I have been thinking about what it is in Leftists that make them want to control every aspect of our lives. Specifically, what it is about them that makes them want to control that which is inherently out of anyone's control. It has become increasingly clear that Leftism is pathological. It has become clear to me that 1) they are control freaks, as defined above, and 2) that they are deniers of reality -- something which actually feeds into #1.

On the second part, there are 3 kinds of people:

1) Those who have True Belief -- they believe in evidence
2) Those who have Faith -- they believe without evidence
3) Those who have ???? -- they believe despite evidence against what they believe

Can anyone tell me what #3 is called?

Religious-minded people have Faith. It is now clear, in light of the world politics of the 20th century, that the Left have whatever it is #3 is called.

Now, let's return to the quote above. I think it is pretty clear that the above quotes are traits of those on the Left.

Those on the Left want to:

1) take credit for the successes of others -- this is evident in Leftists taking credit for economic successes created by individuals outside of government working their butts off to overcome everything the government has placed in their paths to prevent them from succeeding

2) constantly tell you how to do everything -- this is the source of government regulations and political correctness

3) constantly invade your privacy -- okay, this is more of a trait of social conservatives (I did earlier suggest that being a control freak was a trait of most in government), but we see this on the Left as well, with them wanting to tell us how to raise our children, etc.

Being full of "fear, anxiety, insecurity, and anger," they use these and promote these feelings in order to gain control over others.

Also, control freaks believe in perfectibility. What else is Leftism but an attempt at perfection, to create heaven on earth? But perfection is utopia, and utopia is not an option. It is a fantasy world. Pathologically embarrassed at their own imperfections, they refuse to see them, and want to bring everyone else in line to be perfected themselves.

In other words, it seems to me that we are electing mostly people who have a severe psychopathology. It doesn't help that those with this psychopathology gravitate toward politics.
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