Friday, April 04, 2008

Leftism Is a Psychopathology II -- More Evidence

This "article" is further proof of my thesis that Leftism is a psychopathology. This person is so disconnected form reality it's downright bizarre. Seriously, "militarism" causes us to need soup kitchens and produces "dilapidated inner city schools"? Those inner city schools are caused by people like Dallas Darling being in charge of our cities and schools for the past half-decade. And to call a handful of people reacting with empty rhetoric against anti-military (er, anti-war) protesters the same thing as racial segregation is an outrage. Nobody who is anti-war is being discriminated against in this country. Nothing like being denied service or proper schooling. Nobody is being lynched for their beliefs. An expression of annoyance using the same kind of empty rhetoric as as the vast majority of people who in the heat of an argument (or jokingly) say "I'm going to kill you" is NOT the same as racial discrimination. He should be ashamed of himself for making the equation. It is an insult to those who fought for their civil rights.

Why is it that Leftists have to see everyone who disagrees with them as being evil? Why must villainy be ascribed to those who merely disagree with you? I suppose one could accuse me of doing the same thing is saying Leftists have a psychopathology -- but I at least gave some evidence to support my claim, and I didn't say that all Leftists necessarily have a psychopathology. Some may simply be delusional and denying of reality. Some have been misinformed and miseducated. Some are just plain wrong.

Also, people like this idiot don'thelp the anti-war cause at all. They just make anti-war protester look like idiots, jerks, and hatemongers. Someone needs to tell them that you do not fight the worst in humans by emulating the worst in humans.
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