Tuesday, April 01, 2008

High School Drop-Out Rate

The graduation numbers reported here are a disgrace. These teens are dropping out of school because the schools don't teach them anything of value. What schools need to teach our teens are life and work skills. None of the teens who dropped out of school were ever going to college. Ever! When will we get it through our heads that most students are not college-bound, and that our high schools need to teach those not bound for college just like they try to teach those bound for college? We need to fire everyone in and associated with education and just start all over. The first rule would b e: anyone with a degree in education is banned from teaching. They have proven over and over that they're not prepared to do the job. How about we make some trade high schools and fill them with retired tradesmen, engineers, etc.? Then we could make some college-bound high schools and fill them with teachers with Master's and Doctorates in the fields they teach in. Then we would have teachers who actually know the subjects they teach, and students would be going to schools teaching things they need to know.
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