Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The True Media Bias

With Dateline's "To Catch a Predator," reports of priests abusing everyone in sight, etc., one would think our children are just ripe for the pickings on any given day. Not so, according to to an article on eSkeptic that talks about the way we are manipulated by the news media.

According to the article, "in a given year there are about 88,000 documented cases of sexual abuse among juveniles. In the roughly 17,500 cases involving children between ages 6 and 11, strangers are the perpetrators just 5 percent of the time — and just 3 percentof the time when the victim is under age 6. (Further, more than a third of such molesters are themselves juveniles, who may not be true “predators” so much as confused or unruly teens.)"

5% of 17500 is 875, or 2.4 a day in the entire nation. Out of how many children?

The rest are molested by people in the home -- relatives, mostly. So if neither you nor your wife/husband are incestuous molester types, there is almost no chance your child will be molested.

Translation: it's okay to let your kids play outside.

A few other facts from the article:

"The current employment rate is 95.3 percent"

"Out of 300 million Americans, roughly 299.999954 million were not murdered today."

What would society be like of our news media reported the facts that way?
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