Thursday, March 27, 2008

How Obama Wants to Kill the Economy

Obama's solution to the slowing economy is tax relief and more regulations. The first one make sense -- more money in the economy = stronger economy. The second idea is pure idiocy. What sane person looks at a faltering economy and thinks "what businesses need is for government to make it even harder for them to do business"? If you add on more regulations, to make it harder for businesses to do business, which slows economic activity, which slows the economy even more.

Perhaps we shouldn't be trying to put people who have the dangerous combination of thinking they are smarter than everyone else and who have the psychpathology of wanting to control everything and everyone in office.

I do like this idea, though: "Streamline regulatory agencies to end overlap and competition among regulators." This could actually result in fewer regulations and could make the one we have less burdensome by having fewer regulators trying to regulate.
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