Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Moral Cowardice Online

There is a film titled Fitna that Moslem extremists don't want anyone to watch, and so are threatening everyone associated with it. YouTube too has removed the film from its site. You have perhaps noticed, by clicking on the above link, that www.networksolutions.com has taken down the site due to "complaints." In fact, they took it down because they are moral cowards, just as the people are YouTube.

If the average person doesn't stand up for his own right to speak and express him- or herself, then we shouldn't be surprised when government stop doing so. Certainly these two sites have the right to have anything they want on their sites, but to take this movie down just because it offends a few whiny crybags makes them cowards. If there was content offending Christians, it would still be up. Are Moslems so delicate that they can't stand criticism? Certainly the radicals seem to be, though the Moslems I know are all made of much stouter material than are the crybaby radicals.
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