Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy Birthday, America!

Happy Birthday, America! You're 236 years old today, which is very old for a democratic republic. That makes you the oldest in history. Very notable. I hope you can remain in good health, though I see you have grown very weak in your old age. I blieve you could be vibrant. I believe you could be reborn! Please resist those who would pull the plug on you, who deeply desire you accept euthanasia. Those people are evil. While you haven't always been good, you have been better than almost everyone else. When I chastise you, I do it out of love, wanting you to be better. Resist those who do not love what is deeply, truly you: liberty, true equality (not the evil that is egalitarianism), true individualism (as proposed by the Scottish Enlightenment philosophers, not the false one proposed by the Continental European philosophers), and spontaneous orders (democracy, free market economy, freedom of speech and press and beliefs). Happy Birthday, America. I hope you recover. I hope you get well. I home you come back stronger than ever, on the things that made you strong and are the only things that can make you strong again.

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Anonymous said...

The individual and collective denial--and active refusal--of the Universal Condition and Intrinsic Law of prior unity is the root substance of a perpetual universal crime against humanity and the entire World Process, performed by every one and all of humankind itself.

Such is the nature of the "culture" that you champion.