Friday, August 18, 2006

Game Theory and Literature Essay Now Online

My essay has been published. It can be found at: Consciousness, Literature, and the Arts

It is all the fun of game theory combined with the excitement of literature. :-) I, at least, find them fun and exciting, anyway.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Note from Seth Lloyd

I received a reply from Seth Lloyd regarding the e-mail I sent him (mentioned below). Here was his response:

Dear Dr. Camplin,

Thank you for your email. I won't be able to addressall the questions that you raise, but I can try. I don't think that the square root speedup in Grover's quantum algorithm is related to Kauffman's formula. The square rootin quantum search arises out of the wave nature of quantum mechanics, while that in Kauffman's formula arises from combanitorics, as your detailed discussion indicates. There might be some connection, though. Ask Stuart! I hope that you enjoyed Programming the Universe.Good luck with your inquiries.


Seth Lloyd

I sent the question to Kauffman, with this e-mail. I hope to hear from him.