Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Venezuela and Hugo Chavez

I've been generally appalled by everything Hugo Chavez has been doing in Venezuela for a while now. Of course, he's acting just like your typical Leftist -- nationalizing everything in sight, especially the oil industry, and, now, the silencing of media opposition. Quite a clever way of doing it too -- he didn't do it directly, but rather waited for the T.V. station to have to get its license renewed, and then refused. Of course, he is spouting that nonsense about "democractising" the airwaves -- which is only code for controlling it so that only good things come out about him on it.

In the May 2007 edition of The Sun, there is an interview with a Leftist investigative reporter for the BBC, who said of the Venezuela media: "And remember, the Venezuelan media hate Chavez. Unlike ours, their media actively debate politics, and they are against him. But he hasn't shut down the meda." Well, Palast, here it is, the end of May, and that is exactly what we have just seen Chavez do. Of course, should there be any sort of follow-up interview pointing this out, I can guarantee that Palast will figure out some way to defend Chavez, as that is what Leftists are best at doing, defending tyranny.

So, let me tell you what is going to happen next in Venezuela. First, Chavez will figure out some sideways way to eliminate the rest of his vocal opponents. Probably through more direct nationalization of the media. Then, when he has complete control of information inside Venevuela, that is when the killings will begin, as it has under every single Left-wing dictatorship in the world, from the French Revolution to the Soviet Union, China, Cambodia, or Cuba. Don't forget that Castro is Chavez's hero.

How many more murders will we have to endure before we understand that every Leftist-control country is NOT an aberation, but a true expression of what they really mean and want -- that they think they have to kill everyone who will not fit into their world view, that to them it is just to kill everyone who stand in the way of creating the perfect, perfectly "just" society? The believe in a justice that is pure, devoid of mercy. If Chavez has shown any mercy, it is just a pose until he gets compelete power and control over the country. And when he shows his true colors . . . Nothing will happen. Those who supported him will pretend it's not happening, or excuse it, and those who were already against him will shrug their shoulders and say, "I told you so." But the latter will be saying it to those who are deaf to hear it.

Friday, May 04, 2007

UN Observers

In response to the genocide in Darfur, the U.N. sent observers. Who stood around and observed the genocide. Prior to the war Israel had with Hezbollah in Lebanon, the U.N. had put in place observers. Who stood around and observed Hezbollah kidnap Israeli soldiers. In response to the genocide in Rwanda, the U.N. sent observers. Who stood around and observed the genocide. Of what use is the U.N. if its response to problems around the world -- particularly genocide -- is to send in U.N. troops to observe, to watch it happen? Is it just to have more witnesses? And for what? The U.N. is not going to bring anyone in Sudan to trial. No one in Rwanda was really held responsible. If the only purpose of the U.N. is to observe one group slaughter another while allowing countries like Syria to be on the Human Rights Council (the only ones who should be allowed on the human rights council are the top dozen countries with the best records of protecting human rights -- and if the U.S. finds itself not allowed on the Council, then we should try to do something about our police, too many of whom increasingly abuse their power), if the U.N. is not going to protect people around the world, what on earth is it for? So we can have governmental corruption at an international scale?