Monday, July 05, 2010

Deirdre McCloskey on the Arts and Economics

Economist Deirdre McCloskey on the arts and economics. Some really interesting ideas here. A challenge to artists to represent more of the world than we typically do.


Bro said...

Tell her to find some artists making work now and promote them. Not picking out some dead people and promoting them. She is not looking hard enough, because she is stuck in mud of past. Find the new and make everyone know about them. And not all abstract art isn't only anti-cap, but I do agree that much of abstract art is the attempt to become closer to music.

Troy Camplin said...

She was talking about the history of the arts and their attitude toward capitalism. That's why she talked more about literature than the visual arts, and more about the visual arts than music -- each in the order of ability to discuss the arts in relation to obvious attitudes toward capitalism.