Friday, July 09, 2010

Connecting Good Workers With Good Jobs

The current system doesn't seem to do a very good job of making sure that the best people are getting the best jobs -- or that the best positions are getting the best people. This may be true locally, but in the age of the global internet, it seems antiquated for it to still be only locally true.

I'm not seeing a lot going on on the internet, either. Unless you're a middle manager looking for another middle manager job, I haven't found things like Monster to be of much use. I'm getting tired of being offered jobs selling insurance!

It seems to me that someone could make a fortune with a search engine that could do a global search of job postings online and match them with resumes/C.V.'s and put both parties in contact with each other. Maybe combine it with personality tests, etc. that could further refine searches. If anyone does this, don't forget whose idea it was! I'm not greedy -- 1% of the profits would do just fine. :-)


Shorter College said...

It is true that not all good workers got a good job or a career that fits their skills and abilities. Sometimes it really takes time to find out the right job for good workers but being a good worker is still a good thing and I believe that it will be beneficial for the worker itself.

Troy Camplin said...

No doubt. But what I'm really talking about is matching skills and abilities to one's employment. One should always be a good worker in any job. That is your obligation as a worker.