Friday, October 17, 2008

Why Bill Ayers Can Be a Professor -- But Not Me

Greg Gutfeld of Fox News asks how it is that terrorists like Bill Ayers and his wife can be professors. Well, Greg, let me tell you. Pretty much nothing bars you from being a professor other than being an opponent of Marxist and postmodern thought -- especially in education and the humanities. All you need is a Ph.D. Ironically, my Ph.D. in the humanities, while being sufficient for teaching community college, university, and graduate students, does not qualify me for teaching high school. No, to teach high school, I would have to get certified to teach high school, and I would have to take classes to get that certification. In the meantime, I am told by English departments that I am "overqualified" for positions that require a Ph.D. with my Ph.D. in the Humanities, M.A. in English, and B.A. Recombinant Gene Technology. It seems that not only do you have to be a Marxist and a postmodernist to get a job in an English or humanities department, but you can't be educated in any of the sciences -- let alone use something like biology to help you in your literary analyses.
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