Thursday, October 09, 2008

Bush's Slow-Creep Communism

So it seems socialism will come under Republican government. The latest idiotic idea is the proposal to partially nationalize many of the nations banks. Why? To "restore confidence." Apparently that neo-Marxist Paulson hasn't noticed that the bailout package did nothing to restore confidence, as the stock markets continued to plummet. Indeed, why would an entity with almost $10 trillion in debt give anyone any confidence. That would have been like Washington Mutual offering to buy up banks when it was in such serious debt that it collapsed, as it did. Nobody's going to consider that stabilizing. No, this isn't about stabilization. It's about nationalization. It's a slow-creep version the American people will stomach, but that's where it's going. And if history shows us anything, it shows us that no matter what the country, no matter what the economy, if you want to destroy an industry, nationalize it.
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