Monday, October 06, 2008

But That Was In the Past . . .

So, according to the three leftist ladies of The View, it doesn't matter that Obama met with William Ayers because it was back in 2002, and the bombings Ayers participated in happened 40 years ago, when Obama was 8. All that was in the past, and therefore doesn't count now. On this logic, Osama Bin Laden should feel very relieved, since what he did was way back in 2001. I mean, why are we so obsessed with Bin Laden? All that happened 7 years ago.

And we should be very concerned with someone being friends with people like Bill Ayers and Rev. Wright, because he is tacitly approving of their ideas. Don't let Obama or his lemmings fool you on that. He was in Wright's church because he agreed with him. He was friends with Ayers because they agreed. We don't excuse members of the Nazi Party because the man they admire did what he did 70 years ago. Or should we just forget all about that too, since it was in the past?

This is the bottom line with the Left: don't judge me for anything I might have ever done. All that was in the past, and you should not be holding me responsible for what happened in the past, or the people I chose to be friends with. Suspend all judgement. This is what the Left is telling us to do. But if we can't judge what is right and wrong, and if we can't look to what people have done and the kinds of people they befriend, then what can we do? Believe the rhetoric of the moment? Anyone who wants you do to that is asking you to accept whatever dictator comes along. I don't know if Obama is that dictator, but he will come along one of these days, and the Left will have created the environment for it to happen.
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